Central Avenue in Whitefish, MT – A short walk from Stumptown Inn of Whitefish

Stumptown Inn is conveniently located on the beautiful Whitefish River with views of Big Mountain and within walking distance to magical downtown Whitefish.  We are a 10 minute walk to downtown shopping, galleries, restaurants, Amtrak, bus station and the Wave Fitness Center.  We pride ourselves on  being clean and friendly.

Whitefish was initially called “Stumptown”;  Before the arrival of the railroad and people, the area around Whitefish was heavily wooded (and still is today). To make room for a town site, a huge number of trees were cut down, leaving stumps behind. These stumps created problems almost immediately in the form of traffic and making it difficult for new construction – so all these stumps had to be painfully removed.

The name “Stumptown” never really stuck – with the official name becoming Whitefish a few years later.

Whatever your reason for visiting Whitefish, we look forward to helping to make your stay an enjoyable one!

What’s Happening Now:   Whitefish Woody Weekend Boat Show This Weekend! 

Whitefish Farmers Market: Every Tuesday 5pm at Depot Park!

Fisherman, Birdwatchers… We are on the Whitefish River… catch a fish just outside our door, or relax and watch the birds catch the fish!!!

Welcome Travelers, Golfer, Hikers, Sight Seers, and those just passing by….Come Stay at The Stump for comfort and friendliness! 

Stumptown Inn of Whitefish is just a short drive to many attractions for the whole family!

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